Sunday Worship Schedule
8:00     Communion Worship, Chapel
9:00     Contemporary Worship, Sanctuary
10:00   Christian Education for All Ages
11:00   Traditional Worship, Sanctuary

Planning a Visit?

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of 34th Street and Central Avenue on the north side of Indianapolis. Inside the beautiful Gothic sanctuary, you will find a friendly, welcoming congregation. Here’s what to expect when you visit.

Sacred Music Symposium

From April 27-29, Tabernacle presents the 2016 Sacred Music Symposium, which will bring together top sacred music professionals from across the country for a gathering of professional growth and enhancement. Here are the details on clinicians and registration.



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Being the Church: Social Justice

January 31, 2016 Rev. L. John Gable: Being the Church–Social Justice Audio Have you ever wondered why, or even how, the Church gets involved in so many social issues?  If the Church has been called to “preach the Gospel of salvation”, why doesn’t it just stick... read more

Being the Church: Preservation

January 24, 2016 Rev. L. John Gable: Being the Church–Preservation Audio Through the years I have had numerous conversations with people, old and young, who have wondered about the meaning and purpose of their lives; not so much in the existential, abstract,... read more

Being the Church: Fellowship

January 17, 2016 Rev. L. John Gable: Being the Church–Fellowship Audio We have been talking recently about what it means to be the Church.  What is it that constitutes us as something other than a social club, a service agency, a self-defined gathering of... read more

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