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8:00     Communion Worship, Chapel
9:00     Contemporary Worship, Sanctuary
10:00   Christian Education for All Ages
11:00   Traditional Worship, Sanctuary

December 24

Celebrate the birth of the savior.
5:00p  Family Candlelight Worship
8:00p  Traditional Candlelight Worship

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Tabernacle Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of 34th Street and Central Avenue on the north side of Indianapolis. Inside the beautiful Gothic sanctuary, you will find a friendly, welcoming congregation. Here’s what to expect when you visit.



December 13

This service of worship features the Sanctuary Choir with organ, brass, strings, bells and harp with music by Vivaldi and Stanford, as well as familiar carols and anthems of season.

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Sacred Music Symposium

From April 27-29, Tabernacle presents the 2016 Sacred Music Symposium, which will bring together top sacred music professionals from across the country for a gathering of professional growth and enhancement. Here are the details on clinicians and registration.

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Live Your Legacy

November 22, 2015 Rev. L. John Gable: Live Your Legacy Audio In the 33 years of my ministry I have presided over 402 funeral services, and in the vast majority of those I have been asked to reflect both upon the promises of the Gospel and on the way the deceased had lived his or her life.  While that first task is a joy and privilege, as you might imagine, the latter task is easier done in some cases than in others. So the question I want to consider with you this morning is this, “What will be said about you at your service?”   Whether that be sooner or later, regardless of your age or your physical condition that is an appointment each of us is destined to keep.  So what will be said about you and the way you lived your life?  What kind of a legacy will you leave behind? Typically when we speak of “legacy” our minds quickly race to money and possessions, but that is not what we are speaking of here today.  We have all heard the saying that “I’ve never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul” or the story about when the eldest Vanderbilt died.  His relatives all waited anxiously to hear what their inheritances were going to be.  When the lawyer entered the room and sat at his desk to read the will, someone asked, “How much did he leave?”  The attorney looked up over his glasses and said, “He left it all.  He didn’t take a cent with him.” We get that, so our focus today is not on “leaving” your... read more

Back to Basics

November 15, 2015 Rev. L. John Gable: Back to Basics Audio There was a football team that began their season 0-5. (Believe me, I have no particular team in mind.)  The coach was so frustrated with his team’s poor performance after five consecutive losses that he decided to start all over and reinstruct them on the fundamentals of the game.  So he called them all in to the locker room, held up a ball and said, “Gentlemen, this is a football” but before he could continue he was interrupted by one of the linemen who said, “Slow down, Coach.” From time to time we all need to get back to the basics, back to the fundamental principles which guide and shape our lives.  Regardless of how complex and sophisticated our lives may be, and perhaps particularly because they have become so complex and sophisticated, we need to be reminded again and again of the basic principles which undergird and define who we are and to Whom we belong and how we are to live our lives. During the past several weeks we have been looking at some of the cornerstone principals of our faith: God, Trinity, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Church, Scripture, Sacraments, and last week we looked at both our humanity and our salvation, our beginning and our ending.  You may have thought it to be a misprint when we read the passage from Genesis 1 this morning since it was the very same passage I used last week when talking about our humanity, our being created in the “image and likeness of God”, but I return to... read more

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