Adult Ministries

Read Through the Bible in 2017

In 2017, members and friends of Tab are reading through the Bible. This beautiful discipline takes only a few minutes a day, so we encourage you to participate, whether this is your first time through or you are a through-the-Bible veteran.

This link opens a PDF file of the daily reading schedule.

Sunday Morning Classes for Adults

The Long Runners |  9:00a Library

Scripture gives us a few records of individuals who lived a long life and found favor in God’s eyes. What can we learn from their stories about being enduring, faithful, trusting and Godly people as we reach the later decades of our own lives? (This class continues the discussions of The Long Run class that concluded in December.)

The Life, Faith and Fervour of John Knox  |  10:00a Parlor

John Knox (1514-1572) lived a long, eventful, and faithful life. We will look at several of his sermons and religious tracts; Biblical, theological, Protestant, and Scottish though they are, and consider his influence on our own beliefs and religious practices – how and when we take communion, why we do not kneel when we pray, and why Presbyterian ministers are so well-read and highly educated, for example. All the materials you need will be available in handouts or online. Contact: Alan McKenzie at

Pastor’s Bible Study on Wednesdays

This class offers a wonderful opportunity for a deep, insightful study of the Word. Come Wednesdays at 9:30 am. The best hour of your week!

Women Alive

Women Alive is for women of all ages who seek to know themselves and God better, while moving through life together. We meet from 10:00-11:30 on Tuesday mornings in the Parlor.

Starting February 21st, we’ll begin studying the book “Surprised by Scripture” by NT Wright together.  So, you might want to buy it soon and get going. We welcome newcomers at any time, but if you’ve been thinking about joining us, February 21st might be a good time to start.  In this book, NT Wright provides a series of case studies which explore how the Bible can be applied to some of the most pressing contemporary issues facing us, including:

  • Why it is possible to love the Bible and affirm evolution
  • Why women should be allowed to be ordained
  • Where Christians today have lost focus, and why it is important for them to engage in politics—and why that involvement benefits everyone
  • Why the Christian belief in heaven means we should be at the forefront of the environmental movement
  • And much more.

We currently don’t offer babysitting, but that is an option if you have that need.  Please contact Sally John at with any questions.

Tab Women’s Bible Fellowship

As we get older each day, we seek to guide our lives by the teachings of Scripture and being molded more into the image of Christ. Join our Women’s Monday evening Bible Study, Growing Older and Wiser, February 6 through April 3, 6:30p- 8:00p in the Parlor. A study guide will be available. Cost: $8. Contact: Elizabeth Hamilton at

Men’s Bible Study

Saturdays, 8:00 am. Library.

McWhirter Resource Center

The McWhirter Resource Center, located in the lower level of Tab, is a valuable source of information for members and visitors. Books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and music CDs, for adults are offered. Our constantly updated collection includes current offerings and classics in many categories, including apologetics, biographies, theology, commentaries, Bibles, church history, missions, fiction, families, current issues and much more.