At Tabernacle Presbyterian Church we believe that God has graciously blessed us with resources to be used for our enjoyment and His purposes.   God calls us to be “good stewards” of all that He has given and He invites us to use a portion of those gifts to do His Kingdom work on earth.  Your gift will be used to further Tab’s ministry and mission in our neighborhood and around the globe.

Click the link below to submit an online gift.

Thank you and may you continue to know God’s blessings.

Click Here to Give a One-time or Recurring Gift, or to make a special gift to the Tab Rec stadium project


Common questions about Online Giving to Tabernacle Presbyterian Church:

What is Online Giving and what are its benefits?

It is common for people to do business online to pay for bills, insurance premiums, mortgages, fitness memberships and more. Online giving provides the same convenience for those who want to faithfully and consistently make a financial tithe or gift to the church.

Online Giving is not a replacement for our regular worship service offerings. Rather, it is an additional, convenient method to submit your regular offering. While we accept offerings via credit cards, we strongly suggest that no one give out of debt or use a credit card unless it is paid off every month.

Is Online Giving secure?

Yes. Tabernacle Presbyterian uses an established, highly rated third-party vendor as a clearing house to transfer funds to our account. Information submitted online is protected by several safeguards, including firewalls and data encryption, in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations.

Can I give to multiple funds or ministries (e.g., General Operating, Tab Recreation)?

Yes. To indicate your desired ministry fund allocation, please select the appropriate fund at the bottom of the Online Giving form. This helps our financial office correctly record your gift.

How do I complete the Online Giving form?

  1. Click the above Online Giving link to be directed to the form
  1. In the right-hand column, enter your total gift amount
  1. Select whether you intend your gift to be recurring (see below for more information on recurring gifts)
  1. Enter your financial and personal information
  1. Select the allocation of your total amount to the various funds (e.g., General Operating, Open Door)
  1. Click “Review & Submit”

Can I set up recurring gifts?

Yes. You can set up a recurring gift on the Online Giving form by selecting a type of recurring transaction in the the Donation Frequency box. If you have questions about recurring donations, you can contact Kristine Green, (317) 923-5458, ext. 111 or

What is the difference between submitting an offering via automatic withdrawal (ACH), credit card and debit card?

An automatic withdrawal transaction transfers funds directly from bank to bank, and funds are withdrawn from your bank account immediately. Funds thereby do not go through a credit agency (e.g., Visa). Offerings contributed via debit and credit cards go through a credit agency (i.e., Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

Are there fees associated with each method of Online Giving?

Each type of Online Giving incurs some kind of fee. These fees will be absorbed by Tabernacle Presbyterian Church and not your account. Automatic withdrawals (ACH) incur a flat fee that is less than the percentage fee incurred with credit/debit card transactions. Therefore, automatic transfers (ACH) are the preferred method of Online Giving.

If you have more questions, please contact Kristine Green at the church, (317) 923-5458, ext. 111,

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church is a § 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.