Global Missions

Here are some of the missionaries Tab supports.  We have missionaries that are not listed here due to concerns for their safety. Please pray for all missionaries in countries under religious persecution.

Ray and Kathy Albrektson

Ray’s ministry is promoting theological education in the Third World.  As staff for Campus Crusade for Christ, they directed the Campus Crusade ministry at Ball State University until 1980. After earning his Masters of Divinity degree at International School of Theology Ray and Kathy helped plant a branch of that seminary in the Philippines. Ray continues to teach residence courses at International when he is not teaching short courses around the world. Most recently he has been concentrating in helping develop new institutions for non-graduate theological education in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Some of his current activities cannot be published on the web for security reasons.

 Michael and Kay Johnson

Though forewarned of the habit-forming nature of serving Christ, the Johnsons have continued to do so with World Gospel Mission since 1989. God has used them in several venues, including Tenwek Hospita,l and Kijabe and Saint Mary’s Mission Hospitals in Kenya. When in the United States, the Johnsons make their home in Philadelphia. The Johnsons have four adult children: Elijah, Christina, Emmanuel and Keturah.

Missio-Link International

Eugen Groza is executive director of Missio Link International.  Romania’s Christmas revolution of 1989 witnessed the conclusion of one of history’s most oppressive Marxist dictatorships. In the aftermath of this political upheaval, Romanian Christians continue to address the material and spiritual needs of the Romanian people through church planting, social ministries, and economic development projects. Their work includes caring for orphans through both state run and Christian institutions.

Marshall and Larisa McKenna

Marshall and Larisa are currently working with the street children in Bucharest, Romania. Many of these children have been abandoned by their parents and live in the sewers. Often, these street children sniff glue to dull their hunger pangs and to escape their feelings of rejection and lack of identity. Marshall befriends them and encourages many to leave the life of the streets and enter the orphanage, go to school and live a structured life. He joins the team in bringing food to these children, and in the bitter cold of Romanian winters, distributes shoes and clothing.

Marshall, Larisa and Nikita send their greetings from Campina and appreciate all of your encouragement, prayers, and support over the past several months. God continues to bless and multiply their outreach with the homeless young adults of Romania ages 18 and older.

Umoja Project, Kenya

Tab Global Missions is a partner in the Umoja Project in Kenya’s Nyanza Province. Umoja, Kiswahili for “unity,” responds to issues facing orphans and vulnerable children whose families have been effected by HIV/AIDS. The project is a part of the Global Interfaith Partnership, encompassing Christian and Jewish congregations.

Mark Wittig

Mark is working in Medellin, Colombia where he is involved in a sports ministry which includes coaching soccer at the soccer school which he organized. He also trains nationals at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. He is also involved in a cookie business, which provides jobs for the nationals. It has become a high volume business and helps to fund his work.

Church in Zimnicea, Romania

Many of Tab’s members went to Romania to build the church in Zimnicea. It was dedicated in October 1996 with more than 300 people in attendance. Zimnicea is a port city on the Danube River along the southern border of Romania. There are few evangelical churches in the area. The construction involved 33 members from Tabernacle Presbyterian Church and six mission trips during four years.